Bootstrap MaxLength

Uses the HTML5 attribute "maxlength" to work.

Bootstrap Touchspin

A mobile and touch friendly input spinner component for Bootstrap.

Date Range Picker

A JavaScript component for choosing date ranges, dates and times.



iOS 7 style switches for your checkboxes


The jQuery replacement for select boxes


Bootstrap Colorpicker is a modular color picker plugin for Bootstrap 4.

Bootstrap Datepicker

Bootstrap-datepicker provides a flexible datepicker widget in the Bootstrap style.

Auto Numberic

A jQuery Plugin to make masks on form fields and HTML elements.

e.g. "1.234.567.890.123"
e.g. "$ $ 1,234,567,890,123"
e.g. "€ 1,234,567,890,123"
e.g. "Rs. 1,234,567,890,123"
e.g. "¥ 1,2345,6789,0123"
e.g. "£ 1,234,567,890,123"
e.g. "11%"
e.g. "9,999"
e.g. "1000 Or -99.99"
e.g. "(9,999.00)"
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