Bootstrap Toasts

Push notifications to your visitors with a toast, a lightweight and easily customizable alert message.


Toasts are as flexible as you need and have very little required markup. At a minimum, we require a single element to contain your “toasted” content and strongly encourage a dismiss button.


Toasts are slightly translucent, too, so they blend over whatever they might appear over. For browsers that support the backdrop-filter CSS property, we’ll also attempt to blur the elements under a toast.


When you have multiple toasts, we default to vertiaclly stacking them in a readable manner.


Place toasts with custom CSS as you need them. The top right is often used for notifications, as is the top middle. If you’re only ever going to show one toast at a time, put the positioning styles right on the .toast.



Alerts are available for any length of text, as well as an optional dismiss button. For proper styling, use one of the eight required contextual classes (e.g., .alert-success).

Link Color

Use the .alert-link utility class to quickly provide matching colored links within any alert.

Additional Content

Alerts can also contain additional HTML elements like headings, paragraphs and dividers.


You can see this in action with a live demo:

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